Getting Started

So you are interested in starting a Safe Routes to School program?  The national model for Safe Routes to School programs centers on 5 key elements, known as the 5 E’s.  They include:

  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Encouragement
  • Evaluation

An easy 3 step process to get you started:

  1. Organize a SRTS committee for your school (parents, school officials, municipal leaders, law enforcement)
  2. Plan an event at your school to celebrate “International Walk to School Day” on October 8.
  3. Register your school’s event at

For detailed plans on getting a program started at your school or in your community visit the National Center for Safe Routes to School website.

Information for…


Many communities are looking at the federal funding for SRTS as a potential source to make improvements near schools. The federal funding– a 100% grant program (with no local match required)–is managed by VDOT. Please visit VDOT’s SRTS website for more information.


The Virginia SRTS Network has officially partnered with the Virginia PTA to advance and support SRTS in communities across Virginia. Working collaboratively, the VA PTA and the VA SRTS Network have developed a plan to help parents start a program at their children’s schools.

Members of the Virginia SRTS Network presented an introduction to SRTS at the Virginia PTA Leadership Training Conference on July 11. View the slideshow.


The following activities are taken directly from NHTSA’s Bicycle Safety Activity Kit:

For Children, ages 4 to 7:

For Children, ages 8 to 11:


NHTSA’s Bicycle Safety Activity Kit


Congratulations on taking a step toward starting Safe Routes to School in your school!


  • Assess your school: Do you have children walking or biking to school? Do you have a secure place to park bikes? Do you have crossing guards? Have you incorporated bicycle or pedestrian safety lessons, such as Bike Smart, into your school? If you have answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you are well on your way to a successful program.
  • Formulate a team of school representatives, parents, children, a police officer, and representatives from the neighborhood and surrounding community. If you can find a local business owner to participate, they may be a great resource for incentives.

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